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Otsar Group International

Otsar Group cac's and healing centres 

Public Transportation


To take the ethos and existing projects of Otsar Group to the rest of the world.

To further help solve the existing problems internationally by sending our 'boots on the ground' team leaders to talk with the locals and develop a strategy to set up cacs in their locality, to fund and employ local people to

run with it themselves.


To have CAC'S in every city, town and village in the world. In remote areas to have a regular visiting mobile cac.  To also have healing centres in all cities and towns with healing hubs in villages and remote communities. 

To help house every person in their home of choice, whether a big house, cottage,

camper van, wood cabin, hemp build or apartment. As sovereign beings we choose how we live.

To make safe existing dangerous bridges, roads and structures as a priority, prior to using new technologies to build people-friendly cities and communities.

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