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Revenue Sharing Solutions

An internet platform that acts as an accounting ledger within the Quantum Financial System (QFS)
A distribution center to download funds into the receiver's account in an organized, automatic way that relieves the humanitarian from doing payroll or money distribution duties.
Integrated within the QFS, so we enjoy the security and backup that the QFS offers.
Free to use. There are no fees associated with the use of the platform.

How does it work?

  • Log on to the internet

  • Pay registration fee of £10.00, no cash (get ID number) Psychological buy-in, worthiness

  • Automatically establishes your BENEFICIARY account

  • The account remains with you forever

  • Complete account privacy and security

  • Automatically pays money into your account the following way(s):

10p/minute= £6.00 per hour
£6.00 per hour X 24 hours= £144.00/day £144.00 per day= £1,008 per week
£1,008 per week=£4,464 per month
£4,464 per month= £52,560 per year forever

A QFS card or debit card will be given for purchases.

Additional bonuses are available and are as follows:

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