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Otsar Farming & Produce

We aim to fund and support existing farms who wish to become organic

or rather 'clean'.

We will fund farmers who wish to grow hemp for building materials, fuel and  many other eco friendly uses. Also encourage planting wildflower meadows. From Cornwall UK throughout the UK.


Otsar Housing

To fund existing organisations and charities which aim to ensure that everyone will have a home, which can never be foreclosed upon.

To ensure that locals have priority over 

second home ownership.


Otsar Ecology

To help fund the existing marine, woodland, dunes, wild meadows, conservation and wildlife projects and support the fisherman while encouraging a new perspective on helping

clean the ocean. 


Otsar Arts

To fund existing organisations which implement the arts to heal young, old and whoever would benefit. to help in the rehabilitation in the mental health sector.

Painting on Canvas

Otsar Health

To fund and support existing health organisations. To build a holistic healing centres locally which include all methods of healthcare including allopathic.


Otsar Infrastructure

To meet the needs of Cornwall, UK,  then the rest of the UK by spending time        listening to the locals and initially    repairing, and then building

new innovative, safe, efficient and aesthetically beautiful roads, railways,

                 bridges and structures.

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