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(Community Advancement Centre)

Why not drop in for a cuppa and a chat with one of our receptionists, who can direct you to the best person to answer your enquiries?  We are here to direct funding to help everyone in the community, whether you are finding it hard to pay your bills, buy groceries, pay your rent or mortgage, student loan or cannot afford to set up your business ....

We are here to help.  

If you have medical requirements we can point you in the right direction and help with any financial burden.

If you are homeless or about to be evicted, we will help you.

Fill in the form on the IMMEDIATE HELP page so our team have an idea of your needs ahead of your visit.  

We expect much interest in this and ask for your patience while we attempt to deal with the urgent needs of the community as we are advertising for staff for this new and exciting venture.

Contact Us

Email us your queries and include your phone number if you wish for us to call you.

Thanks for submitting!
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